Friday, 4 April 2014

6.0, 6.0, not long to go...

So so so so! We got preliminary 6.0 notes today! And Elemental Shaman are looking pretty good!

Buffs to Earthquake, Chain Lightning. and Searing Totem, but we lost Stormlash (which I swear I was only picked for half the time) and Healing Tide Totem (which is a genuine shame, I loved being able to put out fair off healing during times are heavy damage)

Moveable cast Lightning Bolts are gone too, but I don't really hop around so it's not a problem for me. One thing stood out to me though, and it' something we've known about for some time.

Tauren: Brawn is a new racial passive ability that increases Critical Strike bonus damage and healing done by 2%.

That could turn out to be a nice boon for my always-critting Lava Burst. So we'll have to wait and see what the Female Tauren models look like, because I might race change for that perk.

Why didn't I think of this before?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Disconnections, mains, trains and automobiles.

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for not updating this in a few weeks. Between shitty internet issues (which still have not been fixed - Thanks Sky), doing up 72 hour weeks at work and trying to decide what to play in Warlords (and subsequently prepare for), I've not really had the energy to get things done.

Trying to decide a main to play is hard. And annoying. And frustrating. I was watching a video by WoWPreacher last night (he's going to be raiding again in Warlords, and chronicling his quest to find his class to roll)

...and this morning, it hit me. Why do I have to roll a fresh class? I love my main. I guess I got a little jaded once I hit my target for 5.4 (SoO normal) and thought I was done with her. As Jemma of (The Drafia's guild mistress) knows, I get dejected when faced with something my class cannot do, and then try and roll a class that can do it.

So I've been looking at it all wrong.

So what I thought I'd do to get this back on it's feet is introduce you all to my main.

This the original Arideen, a (recently neglected) Elemental Shaman on Draenor Horde.

So, on with the show, and I hope to fire out posts with greater frequency.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I whip my tabard back and forth, I whip my tabard back and forth...

Tabards, like gold, seem to be something we take for granted when creating new characters. Almost mindlessly, when I start a new alt, I stick the Illustrious Guild Tabard on leave it there.

And I've never been good with gold, maybe this experience will teach me to be better with it. I'm struggling to buy 4 Netherweave Bags.

For now, at least I have a tabard.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

I slip off your chestpiece, quietly whispering my apologies for breaking your set bonus...

Ever been to Goldshire?

Of course you have.

Ever been to Goldshire on a RP server?


I envy you.

So after completing the opening quests in Ammen Vale, I decided to head to Westfall, my favourite zone. I needed to stop off in Goldshire to learn mining and sell a few things clogging up bags.

Immediately upon my arrival (and quite unsurprisingly) I came across a Night Elf Druid in bear form purring like a cat, and then being treated by two rogues to a rather public display of "hide the sausage."

I'm a curious person by nature. My favourite word is "Why?"

And this got me thinking. Why do people do the whole "erotic role playing" thing? What do they gain from it? It's essentially cyber, with a monthly subscription, and until now, I'd just chuckled to myself whenever I'd see people ERP. So I looked up some forums for some more information as to why people do this.

"It's the only action I get." claims someone on MMO-Champ, somewhat jokingly. (I hope!)

The rest of the posts were more or less people's opinions on whether ERP is right or wrong. Nothing terribly informative. So I decided to hang around Goldshire Inn for a bit, to see if I picked anything up there. Sadly, people seemed more pre-occupied with the Horde that were attacking.

I doubt I'll figure this one out tonight, I'll have to come back to it.

But for now, with the Horde attacking I'm getting out of Goldshire as fast as I can.

Back in my day, when totems meant something....

My main character is a Shaman. And she started life as a Draenei. And one of the - dare I say - "annoying" parts of Shamanism was the totems. The quests, the bag space they consumed before you got the relic at level 30, the mandatory buffs they provided, that if you let slip and didn't renew when they expired or were destroyed the whole group/raid suffered...

But while the quests where a pain in the arse, They were fun, and provided a little insight into the Shaman's relationship with the elements.

I remember having to visit this guy, and being begrudgingly granted the power of the earth and Strength of the Earth totem.

And being told the earth would have my bones when I died.


Journeys and adventures and exploration! Oh my!

Greetings, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Sam, and I'm an avid World of Warcraft player. Mostly known in-game on Draenor Horde as Arideen, in a guild known as <The Drafia>

With the recent announcement that the latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, could be quite a ways away, coupled with the insta-90's that are everywhere, I began musing that in the rush to get to max level, everyone ignores the 89 levels in between. As if they're a chore.

So, inspired by my lovely guild leader's blog I've decided to level a new character, take it easy, no heirlooms or guild perks, explore every nook and cranny and chronicle it all here, because Azeroth is a big world, and every NPC or player has a story behind them.